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A Bit of History

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First created in Vernon, up on the banks of the Red River in North Texas, Red Eye chili blend was the result of A.C. "Critt" Hill's long experience as a restaurateur and gourmet cook. It flavored many a "bowl of red" in Hill's cafe, a popular place to eat in Vernon in the 1940's. Three generations later, many dedicated chili connoisseurs still use it exclusively in their chili recipes. Repeated requests for the seasoning from everyone who tasted chili made with it sparked our determination to share it with others and expand our seasoning lines into other related areas including seasoning for tacos, red beans and the favorite for our kids, "fixins".

Red Eye spices are made from the best ingredients we can find. They are all natural, of course, no preservatives or artificial flavorings. Red Eye makes a great tasting chili - not fiery hot, unless you decide to "fire it up" - but with just enough heat so you know you're eating real chili. It's a unique taste, one we're sure you'll enjoy. Once you've used Red Eye, other chili seasonings just don't quite measure up.

You can use Red Eye for the seasoning for your favorite chili recipe or use our own tried and true recipe for "real" Red Eye chili. It's brightened many a cold winter evening in North Texas, and we think you'll love it, too.

We have included a recipe section for your use. We invite you to send us your recipe and we will add them to our site. Our seasoning is used for far more than just making chili, as the recipe for parched seasoned pecans will attest.

Our main objective is to satisfy you. Let us know how we can best accomplish that task!

Thanks for visiting!

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